IEC 317-8

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Insulation Characteristics: 

Insulated with a Class H modified polyester resin. Requires mechanical or chemical stripping. Good thermal endurance, solvent resistance and exhibits low co-efficient friction to improve windability.

This is the most extensively used wire enamel with excellent thermal properties, class 180 or above, both in single coating and in dual coating applications.

  • Thermal stability allows use at 180°C
  • Good windability.
  • Good heat shock resistance.
  • High thermoplastic flow temperatures.
  • Good overload resistance.
  • Extremely high dielectric strength, even when exposed to moisture.
  • Tends to hydrolyze in presence of water at elevated temperatures and is, therefore, not recommended for totally enclosed systems.
  • Susceptible to solvent crazing (will self-heal).

General Applications: 

Encapsulated coils, subfractional instrument and servo-motors, appliance motors, tool motors, continuous operation coils, solenoids.

Its wires are widely used for compressors, washing machine motors, explosion-proof motors, electric tools, ballasts and dry transformers.


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