Litz Magnet Wire, Litz Wire Profiled Cable, Litz Wire Extrusions
Extrusions of stranded, served, profiled Rutherford Cables, Type 8, taping, building, PVC and FEP Litz Wire. We are the Litz People®! Welcome to!

Litz Wire Manufacturer - HSM Wire International, Inc.

FEP Insulated Wire
Unserved Litz wire

Creped Nomex 410 Profiled Litz Wire

We Manufacture at HSM Wire International, Inc.:

Enameled ETP copper (AWG 10-52).
Builds available: Single, Double, Triple bare copper.
Served (extruded and lapped) or Unserved.
Materials available: Silk, Nylon, Polyamid, Kapton®/Polyimide, Mica, NOMEX®  Aromatic paper and Mylar® PET.
Profiled Rutherford Cables, Type 8, Magnet Litz (rectangular and square).
Polyamide, Polyester, PET, NOMEX®, Mylar®, Creped Nomex, Mica Tape, Aromatic 410 paper, Kapton® for lapping, braiding and taping.
Extrusions - PVC, FEP, Silicone and polyurethane.

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triangle High frequency Litz Wire and magnet wire.


triangle Applications:

Fly Back Transformers
Identification Systems
Magnetic loading
Hearing aids
Repeating coils
Deflection yokes
Proximaty switches
Flurocescent lamp ballast
Power supply units
Inductive heating elements
Ultrasonic generators
Transformers and choking coils

Advantages of using high frequency Litz magnet wire:

Minimum heat build up
Substantial weight reduction
High efficiency
Effect protection against fluctuations in the operating voltage

Our Litz wire is according to IEC317-11, DIN 46447, BS EN 60317-11 specifications. We also comply with VDE,
     TUV, NEMA and UL standards.

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